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    Marine Cargo Insurance provides indemnity for loss or damage to imported goods being conveyed by sea or air.


    • Ship being stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized
    • overturning or derailment of other land transport
    • collision of the ship or other form of transport with any external object
    • General Average & Jettison


    • Protects you from footing the bill of loss/damage of cargo
    • Provides unlimited cover for third party property loss
    • Cover is warehouse-to-warehouse; from the time the goods leave the seller to the place of storage at the final destination
    • Wapic offers an annual open cargo policy which automatically insures your shipments on set terms, conditions and rate without the need to contact us each time.

    To enjoy these benefits?

    • Original policy or certificate of insurance
    • Original or copy shipping invoice, together with shipping specification and/or weight notes.
    • Original Bill of Laden and/or other contract of carriage
    • Survey report or other documentary evidence to show the extent of the loss or damage
    • Landing account and weight notes at final destination.
    • Discrepancy certificate
    • Correspondence exchanged with the Carriers and other parties regarding their liability for the loss or damage


    • Copy of Form M
    • Country of origin / destination
    • Proforma Invoice
    • KYC Documentation

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