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Our Culture(Wapic Way)

Wapic fosters a dynamic working environment and a strong performance-driven culture, by collaborating, innovating and consistently seeking areas for improvement within the organization. This is supported by a strong emphasis on people growth and development, in order to nurture a committed and engaged workforce.

We believe in a culture that gives our people the room to achieve and to grow. We want team players who are innovative and tenacious in opening new markets, developing new products and offering state-of-the-art services to clients around the world.

The Wapic culture is largely one of leadership. Our culture is reflected in our story, brand, and values and most importantly in our people. Our culture is reflected in how we work. To sustain the Wapic culture, the Company continually seeks team members who align with this culture.

Wapic Insurance as part of our culture and in line with best practice mandates employees’ social responsibility through an employee volunteering scheme aimed at positively impacting the welfare of the communities where we operate.

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