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Our Corporate Responsibility

Basis for Strategic Attention

  • We recognize that we have a role as a good corporate citizen; and as a company whose business is to protect people over the long term, we have a responsibility to help build a more sustainable society.
  • It is essential to earn the trust of employees. CSR is a key driver of employee motivation and engagement. It influences choice of employersand the trust of customers.
  • It is a risk / opportunity management imperative: CSR will enable Wapic to generate new revenue streams by being cost-effective and limiting certain business and operational risks, while maximizing market opportunities across business segments..

At Wapic Insurance, Corporate Social Responsibility shall be integrated into the Company’s overall strategy, with the focus on best serving the diverse interests of its key stakeholders. The Company shall:

  • Create sustainable value for its shareholders while ensuring high level of corporate governance.
  • Engage only in responsible underwriting, marketing and advertising to its customers while ensuring that its products and services are  valuable and accessible
  • Be an equal opportunity employer, engaging only in fair practices and promoting diversity while ensuring rewarding career opportunities, training and attractive working conditions for employees.
  • Always consider the environmental and social issues that arise in risks underwritten and projects covered:As part of its normal operations, Wapic shall also conduct an environmental and social impact assessment of potentially damaging projects and the ability of the insured to manage its impacts..Positively contribute to the economic development of the countries/markets where it operates while also engaging in community development initiatives to make the society a better place for individuals and business organizations.
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