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Claims Requirements

Burglary Claims
1. Duly completed claim form with detailed statements on the circumstances of the loss
2. in-house inspection report
3. photographs of the loss
4. Police report
Fidelity Guarantee Claim
1. Duly completed claim form
2. A written statement on how the fraud was perpetrated
3. Internal investigation/inspectors’ report
4. Copies of documents/instruments used to perpetrate the fraud
5. Details and biodata of the alleged fraudster(s), including their terminal benefits, if any
6. Details of Guarantees obtained by the fraudster(s)
7. Police investigation report
8. Report on legal proceedings against the fraudster(s), if any
9. Loss adjusters’ investigation report
Goods in Transit Claims
1. Duly completed claim form
2. Detailed statement of claim
3. Bill of lading/waybill
4. Details of the goods being transported
5. Details of the transporter including their insurance cover etc
6. Police report- where practicable
7. Photographs of the scene of loss – where practicable
8. Loss investigation/adjusters’ report
Motor Insurance Claims
Accident Cases
1. A duly completed claim form
2. A detailed estimate of repairs obtained from the insured’s garage of choice
3. A loss inspection/assessor’s report
4. Photographs of the damaged vehicle
5. Details of the negligent Third Party (if someone else is responsible for the cause of the accident), including names, full address, insurance details.
6. Police report if death or bodily injury is involved (and where practicable)

Motor Thefts
1. A duly completed claim form with a detailed description of the loss
2. A interim police report
3. Original and duplicate keys of the stolen vehicle
4. Original vehicle license, registration certificate, CMR, proof of ownership, and other original particulars of the stolen vehicle
5. Letter transferring ownership of the stolen vehicle to Wapic Insurance Plc,
6. Final Police report (may be dispensed with)
Public Liability Claims
1. Completed claim form
2. Statement of loss
3. Replacement invoice
4. Claim letter from affected third party.
Personal Accident/Group Personal Accident/WC
1. Duly completed claim form
2. Details of the nature and place of loss
3. Nature of the injury
4. Medical report
5. Medical certificate of Cause of Death
6. Medical bill/expenses 8.7 Police report – if it RTA and where practicable 8.8 Photographs of the injured person – where necessary. 8.9 The injured person’s three months’ pay slips immediately before the accident 8.10 Excuse duty/discharge certificate
Marine Cargo Claims
1. Duly completed claim form
2. Bill of lading
3. Packing List
4. Proforma invoice and form M
5. Ship master’s report
6. Custom inspection report
7. Statement of claim
8. Report of the appointed marine superintendent
9. Loss adjusters/surveyors’ report, if any
Marine Hull Claims
1. Duly completed claim form
2. Detailed circumstances of the loss
3. Details of the vessel including registration details and country of origin
4. Statement of the claim
5. Loss adjuster/surveyors’ report
6. Any other substantiating document(s)
All Risks Claims
1. Duly completed claim form
2. Detailed statement on the circumstances of the loss
3. Statement of claim
4. Police Report, where necessary.
5. Any other document(s) that could substantiate the claim
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