Legal Officer

Division: Governance

Job Profile

To effectively manage the legal function of Wapic Ghana in line with best practice, monitor strict compliance with the corporate governance codes of the regulatory agencies as well as the relevant legislations and reporting requirements of the industry. The function shall be responsible for organizing meetings of Management, Shareholders and the Board and is responsible for furnishing advice to the Board on matters of ethics, corporate governance, practices and culture, whilst also communicating the Board’s decisions to relevant stakeholders timeously. To furnish sound and prompt legal advice to Management on various issues and promote communication channels with stakeholders to identify and mitigate governance related risks.


Functions & Responsibilities

  •  Attending the meeting of the Company, the Board of Directors and its Committees, rendering all necessary secretarial services such as arranging and coordinating the success as well as preparing agenda and taking minutes in respect of the meetings and advising on compliance by the meetings with the applicable rules and regulations 
  • Providing the Board and Directors individually with guidance as to how their responsibilities should be properly discharged in the best interest of the Company
  •  Compilation of the Board papers and ensuring that the Board discussions and decisions are clearly and properly recorded and communicated to the relevant persons Maintaining the statutory books and registers and other records required to be maintained by the Company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act
  • Maintaining the statutory books and registers and other records required to be maintained by the Company under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 
  • Rendering proper returns and notifications as required by the regulatory authorities (NIC, Registrar General, SEC, GSE, etc)
  • Provide a central source of guidance and advice to the Board and the Company on matters of ethics, conflict of interest and good corporate governance.
  • Assist the Board and Management in the implementation of the Corporate Governance Codes (NIC and SEC) and developing good corporate governance practices and culture to ensure compliance
  •   Supervising the Company’s Registrar in the maintenance of the register of shareholders and monitoring changes in    share ownership of the Company, payment of dividends and management of share option schemes
  • Responsible for share issues, mergers, and acquisition 
  • Organizing Executive Management Committee meetings, contributing to meeting discussions as and when required and advising the members of the legal, and governance implications of proposed policies
  • Monitoring change in relevant legislation and the regulation environment and taking appropriate action
  • Oversee the  Company’s regulatory compliance system and handling all correspondence, as well as ensuring prompt responses to notices and requests from regulatory bodies
  •   Ensure internal compliance with the Company’s Memorandum & Article of Association and that both the  Memorandum and Article of Association are up to date.
  •   Ensuring compliance with Post listing requirement of the Ghanaian Stock Exchange
  •   Prepare performance evaluations for all personnel in the Unit in accordance with the Company’s performance  appraisal system
  •  Ensure that procedures are in place for monitoring subsidiaries’ compliance with the Group governance standards
  •  Ensure subsidiaries comply with all applicable Corporate Governance requirements
  •  Ensure the safe custody and proper use of the Company’s seal


Required Qualification /Experience/ Professional Membership



Professional Membership

 A recognised professional certification will be an added advantage



Skills/Competence Requirement

  • Knowledge of Insurance Laws and Company and Allied Matters Act 
  • Ability to plan and work strategically, proactively and independently
  • Ability to write and speak clearly and effectively
  • Proficient writing skills and ability to understand deliberations for articulation in minutes and reports§  Knowledge of the Insurance industry would be an advantage
  • Knowledge of the insurance Industry will be an advantage 
  • Ability to multi-task, work with minimal supervision
  • Consistency/reliability 
  • Effective use of Microsoft Office
  • Excellent communication and administrative skills
  • The ability to prioritize a heavy workload and deal with the pressures this creates 
  • Knowledge of regulatory compliance and corporate governance 
  • JOB ID:012
  • LOCATION:Ghana
  • CATEGORY:General
  • CLOSING DATE:31 Jul, 2017
This job opening is already closed.