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In order to attract the best individuals who can eventually be a part of the organisation’s workforce, Wapic has put in place an internship program for graduates and undergraduates in various disciplines in partnership with selected universities.

In addition to working in a structured environment, the internship program exposes interns to the company’s core business whilst gaining a rich experience that enhances their academic, career, and personal development. The internship program also offers the interns an opportunity to work with experienced professionals who mentor them not only during the period of the internship, but throughout their career.

The Wapic Internship Program provides qualified candidates the opportunity to work with Wapic for a specific duration. The interns are selected through a formal recruitment process. Upon the completion of the internship program, outstanding participants are given a certificate of commendation. The best interns are considered for the entry level graduate training program at the Wapic Insurance School of Excellence.

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Entry Level Graduate Training Program

At Wapic, all entry level staff are required to attend a comprehensive formal training in the Wapic Graduate Training School. The graduates are selected from accredited universities and recruited through a thorough formal recruitment process. Shortlisted candidates are screened through computer-based assessments and interviews to choose the best fit.

Graduates undergo a unique four-month intensive training program. The objective of this program is to develop graduates in a number of competencies, expose them to the inner working of the organization, and build a platform for leadership.

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