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Our CSR Approach

Wapic’s Approach to CSR

Wapic Insurance’s approach to CSR is predicated on best practices. The company understands that businesses can do well while contributing positively to society, if it has a well-designed and fully integrated CSR strategy.

Strategic leadership and ownership are critical to the success of CSR in any organization. Therefore Wapic Insurance’s top management will set the tone for CSR and Sustainability initiatives with a disciplined focus on issues directly related to the core of the business.

Wapic Insurance strives to be a responsible business that understands the issues that matter most to our stakeholders. These are addressed through the Company’s business processes, people and activities.

In summary, our CSR approach in Wapic Insurance is:

  • Built on best practice
  • Founded on a clear CSR objective
  • Driven by impact potentials
  • Guided by a set of principles
  • Managed by a governance structure
  • Funded by 1% of the Company’s Profit Before Tax
  • Documented and reported as a social Report in print and electronic format

Wapic Insurance shall leverage partnership around skills, efforts and infrastructure. The Company shall provide reports of its CSR involvement and ensure it obtains an assurance statement by external auditors.