Who is the Customers’ Ombudsman?
What does the Customers’ Ombudsman do?
What does the Customers’ Ombudsman seek to achieve?
What is the philosophy of the Customers’ Ombudsman?
What are the principles guiding the Customers' Ombudsman in resolving complaints?
Does the Customers’ Ombudsman apply laws in resolving disputes?
How can the Customers’ Ombudsman be contacted?
Can the Customers’ Ombudsman be reached through any branch office?
How do I know that the Customers’ Ombudsman has received my complaint?
Can I submit my complaint over the phone?
What happens if I do not provide all the relevant information regarding my complaint?
What information will allow the Customers’ Ombudsman to determine whether or not my complaint can be investigated?
What is the estimated duration of the investigation and mediation process employed by the Customers’ Ombudsman to settle complaints?
How will my complaint be investigated?
How will I be informed of the outcome of the investigation?
Is there a cost to use the Customers’ Ombudsman services?
Can I remain anonymous when I contact the Customers’ Ombudsman?
What if I am not satisfied with the resolution reached by the Customers’ Ombudsman?
What further steps will the Customers’ Ombudsman take when the resolution is acceptable to the parties?
What is the significance of resolving complaints through this medium?
Does the Customers’ Ombudsman treat the customer’s complaint confidentially?
The Ombudsman of WAPIC investigates customer’s complaints and mediates fair settlement between the company and its customers.
The Ombudsman receives complaints from WAPIC’s customers, regarding the company’s products and services. He investigates these complaints and settles the complaints amicably between the customer and the company.
The Ombudsman seeks to amicably resolve disputes between WAPIC and its customers by producing a win-win outcome, neither the customer nor the WAPIC losses.
The Ombudsman vision is to be the foremost complaint resolving service provider in WAPIC and the Insurance Industry in Nigeria. The mission is to provide the most suitable complaint resolutions to customers by ensuring that received complaints are promptly resolved.
The Ombudsman applies all the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and the principles of natural justice in the resolution of disputes.
No. The Ombudsman tries as much as practicable not to apply laws or legal technicalities during complaint resolution. He is only permitted to apply principles of fairness, equity and compromises in resolving complaints.
The Customers’ Ombudsman can be reached at WAPIC Insurance: Head Office: 119, Awolowo Road Ikoyi, Lagos. Email:, Website, Social media platforms (Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn).
Yes. The Ombudsman can be reached through any branch of WAPIC by either filling out the complaints form and sending a scanned copy to or By handing over the completed complaints form to the Customer Service Unit at any branch of WAPIC. You may also address your complaint on-line by filling out the online complaints form on our website.
The Ombudsman will within 24 hours of receipt of complaint, send an acknowledgement and assure the complainant that the complaint is receiving attention.
Yes. You may submit your complaint over telephone but you are expected to furnish sufficient details and your contact details to enable the Ombudsman revert to you.
The Ombudsman will call or write you to request for further information to assist in the investigation.
The Customers’ Ombudsman needs the following information:<br> 1. Contact information including phone numbers<br> 2. Summary of the complaint<br> 3. Information pertaining to the loss, damage, or delay arising from WAPIC services and products if applicable<br> 4. Copies of all relevant documentation, including offer letter and previous correspondences, etc.<br> 5. Where Complaint relates to WAPIC’s products and services.
On the average, the Customers’ Ombudsman will resolve a Customer’s complaint within 3 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the complaint and number of reconciliations required to reach a fair settlement.
The Customers’ Ombudsman will:<br> 1. Interview the parties involved, as required <br> 2. Gather and analyze all relevant information <br> 3. Develop investigative plans<br> 4. Conduct on-site visits depending on the complexity of the complaint<br> 5. Issue recommendations to management of WAPIC for approval<br> 6. Mediate between the parties to find mutually acceptable solutions.
The Ombudsman’s finding will be communicated by letter or telephone.
No. The Ombudsman services are free of charge to all WAPIC customers.
No. You must provide your contact information in order for the Customers’ Ombudsman to review your complaint.
If either party is dissatisfied with the resolution reached, the Customers’ Ombudsman may mediate further to arrive at a fair settlement. The Customers’ Ombudsman may refer the complaint to the Legal department to look into the complaint with a view to commencing legal proceedings towards resolution where necessary.
The Customers’ Ombudsman will communicate the resolution reached to both parties. Both parties are expected to within seven (7) working days to confirm their acceptance of the resolution reached. The Customers’ Ombudsman will then implement the resolutions accordingly. The Complaint file is then closed.
The Customers’ Ombudsman resolves complaints through informal means to ensure that the company/customer relationships are sustained during and after the amicably resolution of the complaint.
Yes. The Customers’ Ombudsman abides by the ethics of Insurance practice and ensures that all complaints are treated confidentially.