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Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Insurance work?
    Why do I need Insurance?
    How do I buy Insurance?
    What is a KYC Document?
    How do pay my Premiums at Wapic?
    What is a Direct Debit Mandate?
    What is a Standing Order Instruction?
    What is Sum assured?
    Who is a Policyholder?
    Who is a Named beneficiary?
    What is a Surrender Value?
    What is a Claim?
    How can I make a claim?
    Who is the Customers’ Ombudsman?
    What does the Customers’ Ombudsman do?
    What does the Customers’ Ombudsman seek to achieve?
    What is the philosophy of the Customers’ Ombudsman?
    What are the principles guiding the Customers' Ombudsman in resolving complaints?
    Does the Customers’ Ombudsman apply laws in resolving disputes?
    How can the Customers’ Ombudsman be contacted?
    Can the Customers’ Ombudsman be reached through any branch office?
    How do I know that the Customers’ Ombudsman has received my complaint?
    Can I submit my complaint over the phone?
    What happens if I do not provide all the relevant information regarding my complaint?
    What information will allow the Customers’ Ombudsman to determine whether or not my complaint can be investigated?
    What is the estimated duration of the investigation and mediation process employed by the Customers’ Ombudsman to settle complaints?
    How will my complaint be investigated?
    How will I be informed of the outcome of the investigation?
    Is there a cost to use the Customers’ Ombudsman services?
    Can I remain anonymous when I contact the Customers’ Ombudsman?
    What if I am not satisfied with the resolution reached by the Customers’ Ombudsman?
    What further steps will the Customers’ Ombudsman take when the resolution is acceptable to the parties?
    What is the significance of resolving complaints through this medium?
    Does the Customers’ Ombudsman treat the customer’s complaint confidentially?
    I have lost my share certificate; how do I get it replaced?
    I have several Registrar accounts for my shareholding in Wapic, how do I consolidate these accounts to one?
    I have not received my share certificate; how do I get it?
    I have not received my dividend warrant for a dividend payment, what’s the process for a re-issue?
    How can I have my dividend credited to my account rather than physical warrants mailed to me?
    There is a spelling error on my name, how do I correct it?
    How can I update my residential/postal address?
    How can I correct an error in my address?
    How can I know the status of the verification of my share certificate?
    How do I buy or sell Wapic GDRs?